After a short run of almost a year, THE FILTH OF FOREST HILLS blog ends, as this author FINALLY gets the hell of out the worst shitty city in the country (like 1400 miles away). After 23 years in this filthy, dirty, crime ridden (low stats, my ass), dangerously over-crowded city with an out of control over hyper development, the worst infrastructure in this country, two awful airports, bad streets/highways, garbage & filth everywhere, SKYHIGH RENTS for a shoe box and the worse subway system (AKA homeless shelter on wheels) in the world, I am done, like a twice baked potato left in too long. NOT to mention some of the worst, do-nothing and crooked elected officials who have destroyed the word “public servants”. Folks like Katz, Comrie, Marshall, Koslowitz, and the BIG fake liberal progressive, Mayor deBlasio, who like Trump, has done NOTHING he stated he would do during his campaign run. AND like Trump, whines and complains about the media when they tell the truth on his shenanigans. His running campaign theme “Tale of Two Cities” has become “Mega Tale of Two Cities on Steroids”. His Vision Zero, a failure, his homeless policy, a bigger failure and his criminal justice reform, well just ask those who have spent some time in central booking in “The Tombs” at 1 Centre Street and the appalling conditions people have to suffer while waiting to see a judge, including no access to water, a necessity, not a luxury. AND let’s not forget a deteriorating public school system filled with folks who have no idea what they are doing, the AWFUL NYCHA ( or a scandalous CUNY – City University of New York ( & (

Look how our elected officials screwed us over with this problematic homeless shelter in our community


AND then we have the NY CROOK POLITICIANS convicted of crimes (several from the dirty SE Queens area):


The last decade has seen NYC go into free fall (unless you are mega rich or delusional hipsters being lead around on leashes by the powers that be with a $7 cappuccino with almond milk and this city is fun time).

But you can still follow the shitty and crappy going’s on with this shitty city by following two important blogs that tell it like it is.

1. The granddaddy of these (which just celebrated it’s 12 year anniversary) is:

The official mascot of Queens Crap



2. And the not anymore new kid on the block is:



with it’s great feature called “NEW BAD DAYS“, like this:

New Bad Days 58:

In Richmond Hill, a brawl inside a nite club spilled out into the street escalated when a gunman shot at the crowd and hit five people. The same club had a shooting incident back in April where two men got hit, one of them in the head. Good thing Jamaica Hospital happens to be 5 blocks away.

Also in Richmond Hill, a man that picked up a girl at a bar took her to his aunt’s house then raped her in a room and held her at knifepoint, when he whipped out his penis, his victim chomped it and ran out of the house. The suspect then left the house without his shoes and shirt.

Again in Richmond Hill, two men broken into a restaurant by shattering a glass door and robbed it of 120 bucks.

And again in Richmond Hill at Richmond Hill High School, a teacher slashed a student in the face with a foil pack.

In Ozone Park, a man stabbed another man during a fight outside of a deli despite the presence of cops called to the crime scene. After an order to drop the weapon, a cop shot at the culprit and missed. After attempting to flee, the cops caught him with cocaine and his victim’s cellphone.

In Forest Hills on the E train, a woman got assaulted with a cellphone and cursed out by a woman who felt insulted when the victim’s son made an observation about her own son for wearing a costume after Halloween. Then another woman butted in and aided her friend by putting the victim in a choke hold.

Also in Forest Hills, a man climbed a fire escape and broke into a bar just to rob a bottle of hooch.

Again in Forest Hills, three cars crashed into each other in an intersection notorious for frequent speeding and accidents.

Again in Forest Hills at the 67th St. Station, ad posters were vandalized with Nazi graffiti. So far no there are no leads but there might be potential suspect or demogogue.

And again in Forest Hills, a 16-year-old boy was surrounded and beaten up by a gang of  male teenagers as they were yelling anti-semitic threats.

And again in Forest Hills, a man confronted a woman on the E train after she kissed her girlfriend and called her a dyke. As the woman was trying to avoid him, he suckerpunched her in the back of her head, threw her to the floor causing injury to her spine. Then he got off the next stop at 71st Ave. and ran like a bitch.

And again in Forest Hills, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of a LIRR train as it was leaving the station.

In Kew Gardens, a 69-year-old woman walking with 9-year-old grandson got killed in a crosswalk when a driver turned his car into her. It took a month for the police report of this incident to come out, which should arouse suspicion about Vision Zero fatality and injury stat compiling.

Also in Kew Gardens, a man that the RFK Foundation bailed out despite attacking a C.O. with punches and kicks and threw a garbage can at decided not to attend both his probation hearings in court.

SO Make sure you check this two great blogs out, because certainly the local rags like the Times Ledger or what passes as local TV news certainly will not let you know what is going on in your hood and neither will your local hack elected officials.

GOOD BYE, GOOD BYE, GOOD BYE………………………..actually my expiration date ran out 8 years ago. Looks like 2019 is really shaping up (but not for NYC).

In Times Square at the station of the same name, an idiot bum stood at the edge of the platform, dropped his pants exposing his ass and proceeded to urinate on the tracks as the R train was arriving. And yes, service had to be suspended so he could finish.

Photo via Twitter/@NYPDQueensNorth
U.S. Postal Service boxes may be bolted to the sidewalk, but that didn’t stop three Queens thieves from stealing one on May 11.
Community Board 9 member Kevin O’Leary points to one of many spots on the walls of the Kew Gardens-Union Turnpike subway station where tiles are missing and what appears to be water damage staining some of the remaining ones.






I mean are you surprised at what goes on in Forest Hills anymore. A problematic homeless shelter just a few blocks on Queens Blvd in Kew Gardens, constant panhandling in this particular area in front of CVS and Fed Ex, mentally ill & drug addicts roaming around, homeless taking shits inside the Austin Street Underpass walkway, I mean let’s face it, not much is being done about these issues to begin with. I mean how many of you have seen the same talking to themselves panhandlers in front of CVS & Fed Ex Office on a daily basis bothering people, while the NYPD does very little with these folks. I guess something will be done when someone get seriously hurt.  Wait till a jail gets placed here. Forest Hills will be the new Jamaica Queens. I mean the section between 82nd Ave in Kew Gardens to 78 Ave already looks pretty damn shitty with all the litter, empty alcohol bottles and panhandlers.

There goes the neighborhood. AND what is worse, so many people here do not seem to care and just think this is normal and deal with it.


From Forest Hills Post:

Police Release Video of Man Who Allegedly Broke into Forest Hills Pub, Stole Liquor

Nov. 13, 2018 By Christian MurrayThe police have released video footage of a man who allegedly burglarized a Forest Hills bar/restaurant during the early hours Monday.

Police said that the suspect climbed a fire escape and gained access to the rear yard of Cobblestones Pub, located at 117-18 Queens Blvd., at around 5:40 a.m. Monday. The man then grabbed a bottle of liquor and then fled the location through a side door.

The suspect is described as a dark-skinned male, with eyeglasses; last seen wearing a knit cap, a hooded sweater, a jacket, pants and sneakers.

Anyone with information in regard to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782).


Yes, this post is not about some of the filthy conditions of Forest Hills, though those issue still rage on (Austin St pedestrian underpass is still a mess of graffiti, human feces, litter, empty beer & alcohol bottles, while Queens Blvd (between 82 Ave & 78 Ave) still has constant homeless panhandlers bothering hard working people every day, litter all over sidewalks (that places like CVS and FED Ex Office never clean up) and who knows what else lurks in other parts of this neighborhood, but I am sure many Forest Hills/Kew Gardens residents had to deal with another commute from hell (which by the way is pretty much an every day  occurrence in this poorly run, filthy, corrupt, extremely EXPENSIVE and over-crowded third world country city (which has TONS of money). BUT hey, lets bring in an awful company like Amazon to make even a more mess of this city.

AND Daily News, you should be ashamed of yourself (besides jacking the price up to 50%, less news, less sections, cutting over 50% of your staff, etc) for the title. NO, Thursday’s weather was NOT A FREAK SNOWSTORM. It was not a FREAK of nature nor was this a snowstorm AND we had well in advance about the weather. It was a small mix of rain/snow. AND why did I see TONS of salt just poured on streets in narrow columns (and I mean DUMPED) at the intersection of Cuthbert & Lefferts Blvd in Kew Gardens around 10am,  right near the Homestead Gourmet Shop, that pigeons were pecking at it like a tractor trailer of bird seed overturned and they all hit the jackpot.

Start to read the great blog (Impunity City) which goes into detail about this city and Queens as it slides further down the crap shoot, especially with its posts called “BAD NEW DAYS” (already up to Day 57), which sums up all the crime, all the nonsense, all the corruption and all THE SHIT that is fit to print in a nice summary (and check out the few examples below that Impunity City posted.

In Times Square at the station of the same name, an idiot bum stood at the edge of the platform, dropped his pants exposing his ass and proceeded to urinate on the tracks as the R train was arriving. And yes, service had to be suspended so he could finish.


Also in Columbus Circle at the station of the same name, a man boarded the D train and stood behind a woman and whipped his dick out and whipped it good and came on her and fled when the train arrived at the Rockerfeller Center Station. Check out the super funny NY Post take. “Nut busted for ejaculating on straphanger”

AND NOW for the WORST behavior on the subway, not done by a homeless person, a drunk, a masturbator or the annoying pole dancers, but by the entitled hipster HIPSHITS who have to constantly post photos of their minute existence for the world to see. BUT what people really see is WHAT ASSHOLES MANY OF YOU ARE thanks to crap like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube and SnapShit.

On the J train, a stupid hipster woman arranged a luxe birthday party in a train car that included imbibing alcohol that lasted throughout the whole route of the line despite MTA rules and vagrancy laws prohibiting it and being witnessed by commuters and a transit worker. Despite the high end meal, it had the ambiance of and the planning, assembling, and creative stylings normally utilized by white trash. The shitty shindig’s nadir was when the hipshits set up a pinata and the moron smashed it with a wine glass. Hey Andy Byford, where’s your new zero tolerance anti-social policy concerning littering you bloody twit?

YEP, the inmates are running the asylum called City Hall, MTA and NEW YORK CITY. Yes, dumBlasio, you did not create all this mess, but you sure as hell added more SHIT to the heaping steaming SHIT PILE.


From The Daily News:

Freak snowstorm causes commuter hell, shuts George Washington Bridge, Port Authority Bus Terminal, slides buses and trains to a halt

Freak snowstorm causes commuter hell, shuts George Washington Bridge, Port Authority Bus Terminal, slides buses and trains to a halt
Commuters are packed inside Port Authority Bus Terminal as snow shuts down the terminal Thursday Night, (Krystal Baldie)

New York became a frigid commuter hell Thursday as a slushy snowstorm froze train service to Long Island and upstate, slid buses and subways to a halt, and closed the George Washington Bridge.

And Mayor de Blasio was right on it — at 5:16 p.m., hours after the snow began to fall, he tweeted that “plows are out in force.”

By then, government agencies had already failed commuters.

Headed for the suburbs? Eight Long Island Rail Road lines and all Metro-North main lines were delayed.

Headed for New Jersey? The Port Authority Bus Terminal got so crowded after NJ Transit cut service — delaying buses for up to three hours — frustrated commuters were turned away as a safety precaution.

“@NJTRANSIT @PABusTerminal I’m gonna need you to give all port authority bus commuters a one month free bus pass this is RIDICULOUS !!,” tweeted frustrated rider Krystal Baldie.

The bus terminal delay dragged on for hours. “No estimate of normal service. NJT bus passengers should use rail/ferries as alternatives,” the Port Authority tweeted at 10:37 p.m.

Did you want to drive to New Jersey instead? Well, the George Washington Bridge shut down during rush hour, the city Office of Emergency Management reported.

A 25-car pileup on the snow-slicked Manhattan-bound side of the bridge about 3:25 p.m. caused the delay, said a source.

No one was badly hurt — but it took hours for crews to clear the mess.

The Port Authority was so badly prepared for the storm that it had to call city Sanitation Department crews to plow the bridge, said the source. Usually, the Port Authority plows the bridge itself.

City and Port Authority spokespeople denied that the city was asked to plow the bridge. In any case, the bridge didn’t reopen around 6:30 p.m., the city reported — but the residual delays continued for hours.

There were no problems with the Port Authority’s preparation for the storm, insisted agency spokesman Steve Coleman. “We were not blindsided, and we were not unprepared,” Coleman said.

As for NYC Transit subways and buses — well, look at what people wrote on Twitter:

“@MTA what’s wrong with the 456 trains they keep stop for long amount of times,” wrote @popieeastside.

“Hope no one’s planning on moving to w86 [street] since all the @MTA #m86 buses are grounded because #nyc did not prepare at all for this storm!” wrote@ReasesPieeces.

The Sixth Ave. line was delayed by a signal problem at Rockefeller Center, disrupting southbound B, D, F and M trains.

A switch problem at Astoria-Ditmars Blvd. in Queens forced service changes on the N, Q, R and W lines. Those lines were recovering from a signal problem at 14th St.-Union Sq. around 4 p.m.

Delays were also reported on L train, and on all the numbered lines except the 7.

Commuting to Long Island was also no fun. Malfunctioning track switches west of the Woodside station in Queens slowed six Long Island Rail Road branches, officials reported. Trains were delayed up to 15 minutes, and some trains were canceled.

“I love the snow, but man the tri-state area sure f*cked this one up big time,” wrote Casey Cipriani at the handle @CaseyCip. “Schools were not closed at a good time, offices making people stay late, and ZERO prep on the roads via salting or plowing. How was this so poorly handled?”

City officials said they did their best, and the Sanitation Department reported it had 700 salt spreaders deployed by noon. Later on, the department added 300 additional pieces of equipment to the job.

“The afternoon snowfall was much heavier than had been forecast by all weather outlets requiring that we deploy plows,” said Sanitation spokesman Vito Turso.

“Complicating issues was the fact that several bridges were closed and traffic, particularly in the Bronx, upper Manhattan and on Staten Island, came to a halt with our snow clearing equipment stuck within.,” Turso said.

Trees downed by the heavy snow were a big problem, Torso added.

Related Gallery
First snow of the season blankets parts of northeast and Mid-Atlantic

De Blasio was scheduled to head to Washington to give a speech Friday. But he scuttled the trip to monitor the storm.

Other elected officials say his administration will have to answer for its handling of the situation.

“The City clearly didn’t properly prepare for tonight’s snowstorm — it’s a mess. My office will be following up with the Department of Sanitation to demand answers,” City Controller Scott Stringer wrote on Twitter.

“Hearing reports from all over the city about slow response to today’s storm and I’ve seen downed trees outside of each event I’ve attended tonight,” tweeted City Council President Corey Johnson. “I’m working to get in touch with DSNY to get some answers because this is unacceptable. Stay safe out there everyone.”

With Dan Rivoli and John Annese



…………AND give Council Asshole Karen Koslowitz a piece of your mind, since she approves this bullshit.


Say “NO” to the Mayor’s neighborhood jail proposal

Voice your positions using the contact information and link listed at the end of this newsletter.

Deadline for public comments is October 29th
, an email link and pdf form are attached below – please act now. This is urgent. Here’s what you need to know . . .


On August 15, 2018 Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office announced a plan to close the Rikers Island jail, replacing it with four gargantuan “jail” micro-cities in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, each borough except for Staten Island. The proposed Queens jail would be constructed adjacent to Borough Hall, at the junction of Kew Gardens, Forest Hills and Briarwood.
Urgent Call to Action:
We must not allow this to happen – join us!

Public comments on the Mayor’s Borough Based Based Jail System proposal are due to the City by October 29th, 2018. Only emails or mailed comments will be considered.

Send emails expressing your views to:

Howard Judd Fiedler, A.I.A. 
Director of Design Unit, NYC Department of Corrections
Click this email link provided
to contact Mr Fiedler. A compose-email window to his office, will automatically open for you to easily compose and send your message.

To compound your effort, we suggest cc’ing or forwarding your email after you have sent it, to the below representatives as well:

Borough President Melinda Katz:
Council Member Karen Koslowitz:
State Senator Joseph Addabbo, Jr.: 
State Senator Leroy Comrie:
Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal:
Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill – Community Board 9:
Forest Hills, Rego Park – Community Board 6: 
BriarwoodKew Gardens Hills – Community Board 8: 

If you prefer to print the comment form, please click this link for the pdf and post to:
Howard Judd Fiedler, A.I.A. 
Director of Design Unit, NYC Department of Correction
75-20 Astoria Boulevard, Suite 160
East Elmhurst, NY 11370

Sign our petition, follow us on social media & more:
If you haven’t already signed our online petition please click here.

To join our email list for updates and future actions, click here.


Many are seeing the decline of quality of life in Forest Hills/Kew Gardens, it starts off small and slow, with litter and garbage appearing, then there is panhandling by the homeless and mentally ills folks dumped into the area, thanks to deBlasio (the mayor of destroying communities), a graffiti marked Austin St Pedestrian walkway underneath Union Turnpike where gang graffiti, litter and empty beer and alcohol cans/bottles can be found and where it has become a go to place for people to piss and take a shit. While the crime rate in Forest Hills is still low compared to many other places like Jamaica and Jackson Heights, there has been changes taking place in this community and we are seeing more crime than before.

Courtesy of the men from Comfort Inn Homeless Shelter on Queens Blvd

AND with a problematic big homeless shelter for single men that was dumped onto 82nd Ave and Queens Blvd in the Comfort Inn hotel and now talk of the disastrous borough based jails in 4 boroughs, including here in Kew Garden/Forest Hills on 82 and Queens Blvd at Borough Hall, could we begin to see more of the below article from Queens Courier.

At a public meeting for the Kew Gardens/Forest Hills jail proposal (yes, by the destructive deBlasio), the majority of people were outrage (and no this is not a “white people anger thing” as some have suggested, because an even more angrier crowd at a public meeting in the Bronx, who may also get a jail dumped smack in their residential area, the crowd consisted mostly of people of color. FACT: While people feel that the NY jail system needs a long overdue reform, people do not want a jail right in the middle of their residential area, PERIOD.

Ironically and not surprising, the two HACK elected officials representing the Kew Garden area, Councilman Karen Koslowitz and Senator Leory Comrie (the do nothing politician of Jamaica), refused to speak and give their comments on the issue, Comrie citing some bullshit, that the meeting was for the community. As if Koslowitz and Comrie are not part of the community. Typical crooked behavior from the corrupt Democratic Queens Machine, which is destroying Queens and saying FUCK YOU to the hard working constituents who pay taxes, while cow towing to the homeless and criminals, neither who pay taxes and help to keep this city running.





From Queens Courier:

Photo courtesy of the NYPD

Photo courtesy of the NYPD

Cops are looking for a crook who robbed a man at gunpoint in Forest Hills early Wednesday morning.

According to police, at 5:35 a.m. on Oct. 3, a 59-year-old man was on 70th Avenue when he was approached by an unknown man. The man then displayed a handgun and demanded the victim’s property.

The victim complied and handed over his cellphone and wallet, which contained four credit cards and $200 in cash. The suspect then fled the scene on foot down 70th Avenue.

An ongoing investigation found that at 6:45 a.m. that same morning, the crook had used the victim’s credit cards to buy $12.23 worth of merchandise from a B & B Gourmet Market, located at 790 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.

Later that morning at 7:53 a.m., authorities said, the thief tried to make an unauthorized purchase at the Harlem Smoke Shop and Deli, located at 304 Lenox Ave., with the victim’s credit cards.

Police described the thief as a man in his 20s with a dark complexion and was last seen wearing a red du-rag, a white shirt with red lettering on the front, black sweatpants and black sneakers.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the CrimeStoppers website, on Twitter @NYPDTips or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577. All calls and messages are kept confidential.


WELCOME to a possible future Forest Hills/Kew Gardens, and YES, it can happen, the decline is already being seen by many residents.


TIME TO STOP THIS NONSENSE of spending billions and billions of dollars to close a jail to open up several jails in various communities, hence destroying again quality of life for communities. With a price tag of $30 billion (and you know damn well this will just go up), a large sum of money like this can go for fixing infrastructure, building affordable housing, actually REALLY helping homeless as opposed to just warehousing them and fixing up a jail that is already built. AND what makes this idiotic irresponsible mayor think that smaller jails will have no problems. WHY isn’t the Riker’s jail being fixed internally as well as externally. THIS DIRTY DEAL smells of a big land grab for rich developers and FUCK THE CONSTITUENTS of Kew Gardens and Forest Hills.

I mean ask the hard working constituents of Jamaica and SE Queens, how dumping over 20 homeless shelters in their community improved their quality of life. HELL, just look at what the Comfort Inn homeless shelter has done to our area: panhandling, noise, loitering, drug use, public defecation/urination and litter.

Courtesy of the men from Comfort Inn Homeless Shelter on Queens Blvd


From Forest Hills Post:

Civic Group Launches Campaign to Stop Reopening of Kew Gardens Jail, Public Hearing on Project Scheduled

Kew Gardens Jail (Source: Office of the Mayor)

Sept. 18, 2018 By Tara Law (Edited 9/19)

A number of Kew Gardens residents have come together to launch a campaign to block the reopening and expansion of the Queens House of Detention.

About 25 residents have formed the Community Preservation Coalition, a group that aims to stop the Mayor’s plan to reopen the shuttered 126-01 82nd Ave. facility.

The group is comprised of many of the same people who led the successful effort to the save the Lefferts Boulevard Bridge, according to coalition member Dominick Pistone, who also heads the Kew Gardens Civic Association.

The coalition argues that the mayor’s proposal for a 1,500 inmate jail at the Kew Gardens site— adjacent to Queens Borough Hall and the District Attorney’s Office— would be out of scale with the surrounding buildings and exacerbate traffic in the neighborhood.

Pistone said the mayor is calling for a “monster facility that’s totally out of scale with the neighborhood.”

The coalition intends to launch a public awareness campaign after the City holds a public hearing on the project next week, Pistone said.

The hearing, which will be held at Queens Borough Hall at 6 p.m. on Sept. 26, is part of the Environmental Review Process that is required for the site to be rezoned. The public will have the opportunity to hear more about the project and to ask questions.

The City needs to rezone the site for the jail expansion to move forward.

The group launched a petition against the jail on Sept. 18, and Pistone said the group and will begin to distribute fliers about the group’s concerns in coming weeks. He said the coalition knew that the City was considering reopening the jail, but was shocked as to the scale of the expansion.

While the existing structure is 497,600 square feet and housed about 500 inmates, the new facility would be 1,910,000 square feet and house 1,510 inmates.

The Kew Gardens Jail reopening is part of the mayor’s plan to close the massive Rikers Island jail complex, and replace it with four borough-based “community jails.” There would be a facility in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn.

The mayor’s office argues that the new jails would be smaller and safer, and detainees would be housed closer to their lawyers, the courts and the community.

Pistone said that he is in favor of reforming the justice system; however, he said, jails should not be put in residential areas. He argues that the City should invest in the existing facilities on Rikers Island.

The coalition plans to put pressure on Council Member Karen Koslowitz and other elected officials to stop the project. Pistone said that he would like to see the project postponed until de Blasio’s term ends, so that the next mayoral election can become a referendum on community jails.

However, the jail has garnered the support of many local leaders, including Koslowitz. The council member was among the city officials to release a statement of support for the project after details about the jail were released on Aug. 15.

Although Koslowitz initially expressed reticence about the project, she agreed to back it if the city ceased to house the homeless at the Kew Gardens Comfort Inn, Koslowitz spokesperson Michael Cohen said earlier this year.

The city plans to move all of the homeless individuals out of the Comfort Inn in February, Cohen said today.

When asked if Koslowitz was aware of the size of the jail before the mayor’s plan was released, Cohen responded in a statement, “The Councilwoman anticipated that the new jail would be larger than the old Queens House of Detention, but was not aware of the exact number of units.”

Cohen said that Koslowitz encourages the community to engage in the review process.

According to Cohen, Koslowitz “urges all residents to become familiar with plan and voice their opinions and suggestions, if any.”



On Wednesday, September 26th, the City will hold a public meeting to solicit input on their plans to close Rikers and move prisoners to community jails. At this meeting, learn more about what your neighbors are saying and share your concerns with the Mayor’s office and other elected officials.
As the population of the City continues to grow, so will the prison population.  Once Kew Gardens is at capacity, where else will the City target?  At a cost of over $30 Billion, which equates to $6 Million per cell, can the City afford this price tag?   Wouldn’t the money be better spent on fixing our failing schools, public transportation, housing and mental health for the homeless and our decaying infrastructure? 
Please take the time to attend this important meeting.  Let your members know how important it is to speak up NOW.  I’ve attach information on the Riker’s closure.  Please read and forward to your friends and neighbors.  The silent majority must speak out before it is too late. Attend this public meeting and voice your concerns.

Borough of Queens, September 26, 2018, 6:00 PM
Queens Borough Hall
120-55 Queens Boulevard, Kew Gardens, NY 11424  

Look how our elected officials screwed us over with this problematic homeless shelter in our community